MATcHES (2013-2016) is a project financed by the European Commission under the 4th framework of the Tempus Programme.

A total of 13 partners: 6 Universities, one Technology Park, 5 Companies and one representative of a national public authority are working together with the aim of modernizing the higher education system in Uzbekistan by boosting the cooperation of the key actors of the Knowledge Triangle (Universities, Business sector and local authorities) for the establishment of long-term partnerships.

MATcHES is built around the concept that universities play a major role in fostering the development of the knowledge society and that this process must involve all relevant stakeholders, including representatives of the business and of public authorities. The project aims at developing three Regional Knowledge Platforms, led by universities and bringing together all relevant actors from regional research and innovation system.

Each platform will define its own strategy and identify a Joint Action Plan to be implemented during the project and afterwards. The platforms will be established following a study phase aiming at identifying needs of regional actors, best practices and nurtured also with the results of a public consultation.

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